Self Filming: The New Outdoor Entertainment

The greatest campfire stories come from the wild and there’s no better way to tell an enticing story than through the lens of the video camera. Capturing the adrenaline filled moments in the field is the ULTIMATE way of reliving your hunting excursion over and over again. It preserves those entriquite memories that will last a lifetime.

Lately it feels like everyone is out filming their hunts and the majority are doing it solo. It’s amazing to watch guys pull off the seemingly impossible of packing in all that video equipment on top of their stand and bow, quietly getting it all up in the stand and set up, and then maneuvering the lens with one hand (and often times a carefully controlled knee bump) to get the hunt on film. Did I mention they are drawing their bow too and their tree now looks like a lite Christmas tree from all the cameras running? Haha. Self filming a hunt is no doubt a skill and dedicated past time. It requires commitment and knowledge that is only gained through experience. I know we have found that that experience often comes from failed attempts. In saying that, I believe it’s only right to add in DEDICATION and the ability to accept failure as an option to the list of things required to be a self filming hunter. Over the next few weeks we will be passing on the knowledge gained through experience within self filming over the last few years so that you might avoid the failures and march head strong into producing your own adrenaline filled campfire stories.

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