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season 2 episode 5

Follow Wild Adrenaline: PRIMAL staff members Chad Paronish and Andy Hancharik as they hunt during the Pennsylvania whitetail rut on public land!

season 2 episode 4

If you're 3 toed, feathered, and remotely muster out gobbles you don't want to air in this episode. Feathers be float in' as the Wild Adrenaline: PRIMAL crew continue to fill their tags in Pennsylvania.

season 2 episode 3

Wild Adrenaline hosts Frank Bennett and Bob Paronish head to New Brunswick, Canada in the hopes of arrowing a Canadian black bear!

season 2 episode 2

The Wild Adrenaline crew aims to flop some gobblers in three different states!

season 2 episode 1

Spring gobbler season kicks off for the Wild Adrenaline crew in the Keystone State!

season 1 episode 1

The Wild Adrenaline staff heads to New Jersey for some whitetail archery action with the intention of experiencing the adrenaline and filling their freezers with venison.

season 1 episode 2

The Pennsylvania archery season puts the Wild Adrenaline staff up close and personal with a dandy public land whitetail buck. Clean, ethical, deadly.

season 1 episode 3

As hunters we set out to experience the world around us. To be patient within the pursuit of the memories that will echo on forever.

season 1 episode 4

Hunting offers us the chance to create unforgettable memories in the field. Memories that are often viewed as the most important moments of our existence. Our aim is to capture these memories. Because the best campfire stories don't come from everyday life. They come from the wild.