Kuiu Pack Systems

Kuiu Pack Systems are ELITE

Kuiu Pack Systems

We’ve hunted across the globe in plenty of physically abusive terrain and nasty weather conditions.  In saying that…pack systems MATTER.  Let’s face the facts, our gear is the most important contributor (besides our physical conditioning) that ultimately leads to us finding success on excursions.  Getting our gear hiked into basecamp undamaged and getting it there without fatiguing our own bodies literally comes down to having the right pack system to handle the mission and withstand the brutal wilderness elements.  Hands down…we choose Kuiu.

Why Kuiu Pack Systems?

    Every ounce matters.  Kuiu has gone as far as creating a one of a kind carbon fiber frame that was designed to provide both vertical stiffness and forgiving horizontal flex.  The frame is available in 3 sizes that are sure to fit your own unique body build.
    The Kuiu pack system is adjustable for people of all sizes and you designed so you can switch out the bags on the original frame to best fit the excursion you are embarking on.
    We’ve beat the hell out of the Kuiu pack system.  From hauling gear to 10,000 feet through storms and horrible terrain, to hauling out that precious protein packed meat on the way out it simply gets the job done and has held up time and time again.
    Kuiu has designed the most comfortable suspension system on today’s market…hands down.  Being that it’s fully adjustable, finding the right fit for your body type is a snap.

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