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Join hosts Frank Bennett and Bob Paronish as they journey to New Mexico in search of a Pope and Young bull elk!

OUTDOOR PROTRAX’S “Filming the Outdoors”

Enjoy listening to outdoor related podcasts?  Then you need to tune in to Outdoor Protrax‘s “FILMING THE OUTDOORS”.  Check out their latest podcasts featuring Wild Adrenaline’s own Frank Bennett and Bob Paronish as they talk about capturing the adrenaline filled moments in the great outdoors and what it takes to produce shows that entertain, connect emotionally with the viewers, and educate them to the strategies involved in finding success in the wild.

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Bob Paronish – Post-Production Tips – Filming The Outdoors

In today’s episode Andy Wills talks to Wild Adrenaline Co-Host Bob Paronish about his post-production process, creating unique social media content and his new hobby of trapping.

Frank Bennett – Filming Adventure Hunts – Filming The Outdoors

In this episode Andy Wills talks with Wild Adrenaline’s Frank Bennett about New Jersey black bears, charging cameras with solar panels and capturing great footage in the field.