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About Wild Adrenaline

Wild Adrenaline started in 2012 with the goal of producing hunting shows that shed a positive light on the hunting industry and why hunting is important in living out a fulfilling life. We aimed to capture the adrenaline filled moments of the hunt and transform them in our editing studio to tell detailed hunting stories that would ultimately do three specific things.

The first of which was to ENTERTAIN the viewers. This started with assembling a charismatic panel of hunters that other outdoorsmen and women could personally relate to. We aren’t professional hunters, we are hunters that treat our hunting lifestyle in a professional manner. We enjoy the great outdoors and respect the wildlife that roams free within it. You can make certain that every day we film in the wild we are loving and cherishing every detail and moment of the experience. By combining this mentality with our editing team’s unique ability to produce shows and media that harness the specific EDGE and ADRENALINE that come with the hunting experience, we are sure to capture the attention and love of our fans.


Secondly, we want the experience of watching our hunting shows to be EMOTIONAL.

Connecting with the viewer’s’ emotional experience within an episode is what makes WILD ADRENALINE a true hit in the hunting world. We aim to create a cinematic experience within each show that is sure to leave the viewers at the edge of their seats and longing to get out in the great outdoors.

Finally, we look to produce shows that will be EDUCATIONAL. If we’ve learned one thing within our many years of producing hunting based entertainment, it’s that the audience is looking to learn through our experience so that they can increase their odds of success in the field. When producing shows we shine a positive light on why hunting is essential in life, which ultimately is the greatest tool in educating all ages of outdoorsmen and women. It allows our viewers to connect with us, the wild, and this wonderful and every adrenaline filled lifestyle.


In 2015 we decided that simply producing a show wasn’t good enough. We wanted to created a brand and gateway that would lead the charge in guiding this generation’s hunters and the next into openly sharing and learning from the hunting experience. An outdoor hub that allows hunters of all ages and experience levels to enjoy and share their hunting memories openly online. A place where they could mingle and converse with our hunting staff as they work to shine a positive light on the hunting industry. So whether you’ve come to learn how to film a hunt, edit a show, understand how to become brand ambassadors for hunting gear producers, to find apparel styles developed by hunters that are sure to brand you a hunter, or maybe you simply came to enjoy the thrill of watching a pope and young elk get arrowed from a perfectly executed stalk, you can be sure that we’ve produced JUST FOR YOU.

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